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Some of the questions commonly asked by our customers.

A bra will last approximately 2 years if correctly cared for (washed 2 or 3 times a week). We recommend rotating your bras, never wearing the same one day after day.
Look after your bras and they will last you a long time.

Bra sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and style to style!
Hardly any female is a ‘set size’! We recommend trying on and being correctly fitted each time a bra is purchased. There are so many different shapes and sizes!
This is why we never fit bras using a tape-measure.

We would always recommend Skintone/nude bras to wear under white or pale colours, particularly if the ‘top’ is fine or see through.

A bra should always be handwashed in a gentle liquid – with no softener used.
Dry naturally, perhaps over the bath. Never ever put in a washing machine or tumble dryer!!
Following rigorous testing and excellent customer feedback, we now stock and recommend ‘SOAK’ as the ideal liquid to wash your bra, a plant based liquid from Canada.

A sports bra gives maximum cover for minimum movement which is essential when exercising. A sports bra is specially designed for the level of support needed.

Once items are tried and fitted, because of the nature of the garment they are non-returnable.

Yes we stock mastectomy bras, again these need to be fitted to each individual.

We do not measure, we fit our bras – not a tape measure in sight!

The formula that is often given for using a tape measure unfortunately does not work, it doesn’t take into account many factors that make all the difference to a bra fitting you correctly. Every bra fits differently so you need to be fitted every time. The fitting process relies on years of specialist training.

We do not work on an appointment system, please feel free to call in to see us at your convenience.

At extremely busy times there may be a small wait for a fitting room, but as long as you don’t mind bearing with us we will be pop you into a fitting room as soon as one becomes available.